I have nothing against Nelson Mandela but I hate how people glorify him like he was the only one who fought for our freedom. I come from a small township called Mbekweni just outside of Paarl. Many people from Mbekweni praise Nelson Mandela not knowing that Hans Gqibile of Paarl was sent to Robben Island and then executed in 1967. He died for our freedom. Over a 100 freedom fighters were hanged and tortured to death between 1963 and 1977. We have been sold the Rainbow Nation lie so we can easily forget our sad, cruel and harsh history. The 1960 Sharpeville protests were led by the late Great Professor Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. More than 200 Children died during the June 1976 protests yet at school I was taught that only Hector Pietersen had died on that cold day of June 16. Bra Japtha Tiger Masemola spent 28 years on Robben Island yet the majority of black University Graduates have never even heard about this great leader. Oliver Thambo, Pixley ‘Ka’ Seme and Solomon Plaatjie were the most intelligent leaders of the ANC yet today the majority of black people do not know anything about these great leaders. It is a disgrace to our ancestors who fought so hard in the struggle. Black people have forgotten where they come from, they have forgotten their history, and because we do not know where we come from it is easy for Europeans to exploit us and use our history against us. I was so shocked, when I found out how much Africans contributed towards civilisation. White schools taught us that our ancestors were savages who walked around naked and killed each other whenever they got the chance to. David Humes who was a white scholar went as far as saying ”Africans have never invented anything.” I was so shocked when I learned that Africans were actually the first writers and scientists. I had tears running down my beautiful face when I found out that my ancestors were the first artists and musicians, the first librarians and doctors. This knowledge all came as a surprise because in Mandela’s Rainbow Nation I was taught that Christopher Columbus had discovered the United States of America, as if there were no Native Americans when he got there. In Mandela’s Rainbow Nation I was taught that Diaz had discovered Mosselbay and Jan Van Riebeek discovered Cape Town as if there were no Africans when these settlers arrived in Africa. In Mandela’s Rainbow Nation black kids are taught European values, perspectives, information and history. Because of these Eurocentric views Africans now look down on anything that resembles Africa and they look up at anything that resembles Europe. I have nothing against Nelson Mandela, but black people need to stop acting like our fight for freedom was a miracle. I dont care how religious you are the struggle was never a miracle, it was a sacrifice. I am all for education. I have nothing against white schools, but I think its time for them to start educating kids instead of miseducating them. Africa is a great continent. The people in Africa are a great people. I love my continent and I love my Country and its history, so to all the people who died for my freedom, let me be the first to say thank you for your sacrifice. Africa will be free the day its people are educated and united. Amandla. Izwe Lethu!!!


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